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Instagram’s Most Liked Photo of 2015 Is That of Kendall Jenner’s

The Kardashian sisters have a tendency to rule the Instagram community with their incredibly beautiful photos and rather egotistic selfies. Of course, not all are simple day-to-day happenings either as we notice the top Instagram photos taking on a more artistic approach, particularly seen in the year of 2015. Going back a few months, we had a rather decidedly pure image of the non-Armenian sister, Kendall Jenner, lying down on her back on the ground, her dark hair splayed out around her and arranged into pretty heart shapes, elegantly dressed and with a very peaceful expression on her face, hands clasped before her. The dress is fantastic in of itself, the 19-year-old model raking in the likes and reaching 3.2 million, the highest ever for the year, if not in the history of Instagram. In addition to this, below we present Instagram’s most liked photos of 2015!

Instagram's Most Liked Photos of 2015: Kendall Jenner

Forget KimYe’s wedding with its measly 2.4 million likes… the younger Kardashian-Jenner girls have outshone their older sister, with Kylie Jenner also making the top five, coming in fourth with 2.3 million likes for her celebratory graduation photo in a cap and gown, holding a diploma from Laurel Springs High School. It has been a really cool year for all the Kardashian girls, with the Jenner siblings beginning to really rock the fashion and social media worlds with gusto.

Instagram's Most Liked Photos of 2015: Taylor Swift

Top Instagram photos in the past have included that infamous selfie by Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Beiber’s photo with that “Uncle Will” figure we known so fondly as Will Smith, and many others, with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Drake and other celebrities keeping the Instagram accounts strong. In terms of this year’s most liked Instagram photos though, Swift most certainly holds a few spots, coming in with a very interesting open look into her relationship with Scotsman Calvin Harris, a selfie with her cat Meredith, who seems to be allergic to joy according to the young artist, and that large cake shaped flower bouquet from Kanye West, which we assume was in apology for a rather embarrassing show on stage, insulting the lovely lady of our dreams. Taylor Swift is adorable in so many ways and we love seeing her fans rejoice in her good nature.