2013 New Louis Vuitton W Series Handhags

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2013 New Louis Vuitton W series handhags ingenious Louis Vuitton broke the previous graphic design. Compact lines, reminiscent of the letter “W” shape. Bags will be launched once highly anticipated, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and other actresses will also Louis Vuitton W series bag out to the streets as a must-have item.

New Louis Vuitton W series handhags consists of three parts, a collection of many different fabrics. These symbolic elements inherited Louis Vuitton leather goods manufacturing glorious history, while another breakthrough design. This new series of bags with a new shape and material, whether in visual or tactile have brought endless surprises.

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Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag,Fan Bingbing Summer Street Beat

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Fan Bingbing recently appeared dressed in a black dress strap Shanghai for its movie “night surprise” campaign trail. Black as the main colors with her body destroyed lemon yellow Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag, simple and casual but full gas field.

In 2009, the U.S. female director Sofia Coppola visit Asnieres workshop, he put forward his ideal handbag styles: precious yet unpretentious. For example, in two classic Speedy and Keepall little improvement on the basis of style. SC handbag was born. This Louis Vuitton classic design now launched a small section and mini models, it was accompanied by a smooth curve Quetsche, Clementine and understated bold colors such as black and white, charming and noble temperament.

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Louis Vuitton Travel Series,Louis Vuitton four-wheel luggage

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Louis Vuitton Travel Series,Louis Vuitton four-wheel luggage is following the classic Pegase launched a new travel series after series of new products, will design the perfect combination of aesthetics and functional practicality, offer an extraordinary travel experience.


Unique retro curve cocoon shell, and sketched out a solid box.
Saddle stitches together: not only beautiful but also enhances the durability and firmness,highlighting Louis Vuitton’s top manufacturing process.
Absolute standard alignment Monogram prints, nude colored rawhide material handle and luggage tag, brass plated lock and rivets.

Manufacturing Process

The first hot compression canvas trolley case, the canvas is the perfect durability and stretch applied to the touch and damping effect.
Waterjet cutting technology guarantees box structure extremely precise and practical components.
After rigorous testing, if the trip once a month, use this paragraph Trolley cycle four years.
Glass fiber frame, low-key placed under the zipper to provide the process of opening and closing the suitcase easy to experience, well protected box items.
The four wheel trolley rubber material made from polycarbonate, reaching mute with shock absorption effect.

Louis Vuitton exclusive design of assembly parts ways with special features, making four simple easy maintenance trolley.
Every one of Louis Vuitton store is able to provide customers with quick repairs within 48 hours of wheel, handle or telescopic handle service.

Four trolley designed for travel in the sand against the rain, snow and the environment, which is designed to meet the courage to challenge the limits of travelers unimpeded needs solid items inside of the box will be placed and kept in good condition. Inside the space cleverly designed to draw on the Louis Vuitton travel hard case design. Every detail is completely loyal to the actual needs of the traveler, and even last-minute travelers during packaging reminds laptops also have a dedicated flat elongated pockets. A series of enclosed space and can be adjusted to provide a multitude of storage space arrangement method, no matter how much baggage can also be very well organized. Four trolley has both 55 cm and 70 cm in two sizes to choose from.

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton and world-renowned traveler who accompanied the master with meticulous craftsmanship and creativity to explain the essence of the art of travel. Now once again walk in the forefront of innovation, the brand can be proud of making leather craftsmanship applied to four trolley design and production, faithful to tradition while boldly innovative. Graceful coexistence with ergonomic design, making four trolley Louis Vuitton travel series became another star.

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Louis Vuitton 2013 Deauville Bags

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Following the 2013 spring and summer fashion show later, 2013 Louis Vuitton two classic elements: Monogram and Damier checkerboard stamp printed in the leather in both vivid three-dimensional display, and also to add a new femininity. Monogram stamps have been used in the Deauville handbag. Speedy series canvas 3-tier sequined, colorful leather with black, burgundy and blue decorative details. And brand gene strain, not too exaggerated design, this series also won an elegant and practical.

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Louis Vuitton Travel Bags,The Art Of Packing

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Travel is more than just a “space motion” also be interpreted as an art, it is packed up and ready to go elegant lifestyle apt interpretation of Louis Vuitton.
Packed up, embarked on a journey, a breath of fresh air, feel the natural atmosphere. You could not help but be immersed in imagination: living in a foreign country, to enjoy life fun. Breathe freely, feel natural aroma, unwittingly, has reached the destination … when open travel bags, ready to enjoy the trip when they found clothing folds occur, disorganized, articles disorder ruins …
The first arrived in Paris, or a luggage packed apprentice, Mr. Louis Vuitton will focus packaged in bags produced and luggage management. Then he began to be produced for the French court to save travel bags and personal belongings square box, when carefully packaged and orderly management, unpacking it easy more. It also laid the first opportunity for the creation of the brand.
Louis Vuitton makes adhering to the spirit of the traditional the door package management art legend has shown great vitality. This unique craft, let us backtrack past while also able to revisit three the iconic Louis Vuitton travel bags style: the Alzer Louis Vuitton suitcases, Louis Vuitton Pegase travel Trolley Case and Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag, as well as different designs Luggage “package management” know-how, but also reflects the different modes of travel change and innovation.
Three iconic travel bags for the trip to bring the light of inspiration.
As the the bags production division and packaged managers, Mr. Louis Vuitton to craft etched into the history of the brand. Packaged craft heritage of these three classic travel bags, Louis Vuitton’s elegant travel kept secret so far.
The the Louis Vuitton ALZER suitcase, your elegant travel can not tolerate the slightest fold, the highly anticipated, still poised. These finishing clothing know-how and methods to make your journey to enjoy elegant.
The Louis Vuitton KEEPALL travel bag, the end of the week and the advent of the weekend. Countryside leisure life began. Jeans, sports shoes, one after another, the great creative travel outline, create. Whim, packed up, ready to go, still extraordinary style.
Louis Vuitton PEGASE trolley suitcase, art and fashion perfect shine, shirts and suits the best mix of methods both pursue the essence; termination folds, so that it nowhere to be found. Here about to share is the key.
Louis Vuitton ALZER suitcase

Graceful, sentient beings charm; perfectly fine wardrobe; the white gloves polite waiters …… elegant living everywhere. Whether stroll in Paris, still hanging around in Venice, Whether walking Monaco, or wandering around New York City, and even conduct in dealings with the Metropolitan journey you traveled to where is where luxury atmosphere. Choose the right destination, take a good ticket, bring a suitcase and start your delicate journey. Alzer suitcase Monogram canvas surface layer, and together with brass fittings and poplar and Okoume wood as skeleton. Based on inherited the elegance and classic, but also adds the durable quality. The iconic Louis Vuitton suitcases, carry companion on your journey.
Respected in every possible way lifestyles, designed specifically for your elegant journey. ALZER suitcase with you hand in hand.
Suitcase secret
Alzer is a classic design suitcase with reinforced locks, storage bins and corset belt, Chinese clothes for your silk clothing production. You can be a windbreaker, a dress, a petticoat, a pair of pants, a cardigan sweater, two shirts, a shawl, underwear, stockings, socks, a pair of high-heeled shoes, a pair of flat heeled shoes, a belt , a toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, a jewelry box, a bracelet box is the perfect storage which. Well! The all baggage catered neat, now began to enjoy life.
Perfect skills of packaged
The first step is to the box surface separate compartments placed side open Alzer suitcase.
The bottom of the second step of the trunk, the handle contralateral store the heaviest items: toiletry bag, jewelry box, bracelet box, cosmetic bags and so on.
The third step of shoes inside filled with tissue paper, and the two kept separate, and cover. Remaining storage space underwear, stockings, socks, and dish up belt.
The fourth step then the windbreaker placed in the above, expand and ruffled collar. Windbreaker inside the pants vertical fold flat and waistband and trouser legs extended outside the trench coat. On, two shirts heads and legs relative cross-stacked, and the shirt collar and ruffled the coin every other department. The waistband and trouser legs folded back, and then turn back the windbreaker side lapel and sleeves. Finally, one way or another with the corset. In this way, they put the most valuable items are stored properly.
Step Five separate compartments back into the open.
Step Six dress flat, upper placed within the compartment, the lower left vacant. The petticoat vertical to the fold, and placed on the dress. Retrace to dress the lower part of the petticoat.
The seventh step cardigan sweater rolled up, together with the remaining small items placed in the remaining space within
Step Eight for the convenience of quick access, the shawl tile on it, fastened with a corset belt.
Ninth step close Alzer suitcase and told the hostess: suitcase ready
TipsUnexpected to avoid out-of-the-box, two steps open the Alzer: open the middle of the first box lock, then open the lock of the edge of the box.The perfect folding Act of dressOne would dress pave placed inside of the upper half, the lower half is placed outside the box.. Put a piece of clothing, such as jackets, expand and put up the collar. First lapel side to turn back, then sleeves retrace.Turn back the dress lower part, placed on the jacket.Shirt Perfect folded methodProtective clothing, the shirt collar and ruffled.2. System on all the remaining buttons.3. Folded in the usual way: horizontal fold collar exposed sleeves fold back body.
The Louis Vuitton KEEPALL travel bag
Accommodate all, as the name suggests, all of course. At this point, expand Keepall travel bag, zippered; reach their destination, open the zipper, took place one of the items will travel bag easily folded and put away.
Or carefully plan a trip, a hike; or a whim, starting immediately, alone on the road or go hand in hand … Keepall travel bag partners with you wherever you go soft, lightweight, elegant, huge capacity, even if on the trailer luggage rack, filling the classic essence.
Accommodate all Thatcher.
Monogram canvas, natural cowhide yellow linen thread, brass fittings • • • Welcome to travel, to board flights! Accommodate all beyond fashion in 1930, the advent of first brown cotton canvas Keepall travel bag – an era had arrived.
Travel bag secretA “accommodate all the travel bag? Monogram canvas, two handles, hand-held size, elegant and practical. Convenient extracted for easy opening and closing, convenient storage. What can hold? A pair of jeans, a dress, the two lightweight sweater, a sweater, underwear, socks, two pairs of sports shoes, two pairs of shoes, two belts, a toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, a jewelry package, an installed three block watch watch box? In accordance with the the knack method followed by finishing, everything will be easy • • •

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Louis Vuitton 2013 “art of travel” roving exhibitions

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In 1937, Louis Vuitton downtown Huadu and honor to be famous the luggage artisans Marechal Mr. apprentice. Subsequently, he began production of travel bags and box-for the French court, which also laid the first opportunity for the creation of the brand. Paris prestigious Rue Neuve Des Capucines, the 4th in 1854, Louis Vuitton opened its first store, the Louis Vuitton brand.

Subsequently, the rapid industrial development has brought a revolution in the way of travel, from a hot air balloon, ships and airplanes to cars, followed by even trendsetting Louis Vuitton travel bags. Wishes from all our guests from the moment of packaging finishing full manifestation of personalized Louis Vuitton can even guests need to bring travel goods specially customized travel bags, at the same time create art packed luggage and travel on behalf of on behalf of legend. 1997, since the artistic director Marc Jacobs added, more is to carry forward the the travel spirit advocated by the brand, more innovative century cultural heritage. Louis Vuitton officially launched in 2007 by celebrity endorsement from the different areas of the core value of promotional activities, re-brand travel art onto a new level. Exciting debut at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 with the grand unveiling of the 2012 Louis Vuitton House, a perfect interpretation of Louis Vuitton Travel inseparable century love. As a result, the achievements classic style.

Pay tribute to the noble art of travel in order to pass, but also to express the heartfelt respect of the the elegant historical heritage and craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton “traveling art exhibition will begin in March this year, roving exhibitions in four cities in China for six months.

Louis Vuitton “art of travel” roving exhibition schedule:Taikoo Hui Guangzhou: March 17-April 7, 2011Wuxi Yaohan: April 26-May 19, 2009Shenyang Vientiane City: June 28-July 19, 2009One Central Macau: August 10 to September 18

Soft travel bagEven leading travel trend parallel with travel culture, pioneer spirit is always Louis Vuitton continued forward momentum. Soft travel bag by Louis Vuitton into the travel and culture. Travel pouch has been used from the early ships, cars, travel to the modern era of fashionable handbags, innovation and tradition, re-interpretation of the art of the travel side by side.

Louis Vuitton Steamer travel bag, 1901:Steamer bag … it is like a myth, a poem, it will make people think of Mallarme “sea breeze” beautiful verse: “We’re starting! Ship ah, shake your mast toward the exotic nature sail …… “It has chic lines of the structure, using a soft canvas for the first time in the travel appliances making history, it can be hung on the hook on the cabin door, and plains design so that it can be placed in car pedal. These creative Initially only used to create a legend in the storage bag to wash clothes. This style became representatives of Gaston – Louis • Mr. Wei Deng personality the best products, and later after Marc Jacob re-interpretation, became the model for all modern traveling bags, sail invitation issued to the people.

Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag, 1930:”Keepall – to accommodate all, as the name suggests, bring it journey can begin, it is a first for excursions soft luggage bags. When you are ready to start a light casual travel, expand Keepall travel bag, placed in luggage, zippered, instantly on a journey. It can also be easily folded away into the trunk, to become the best partner of your shopping trip. Keepall travel bag partners with you wherever you go soft, lightweight, elegant, large capacity, even on cabin luggage rack, also filling the classic style.

Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag, 1930:As one of the most prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic handbags, Speedy has almost become one of the hallmarks of the Louis Vuitton also interpreted largest handbag styles. Artist Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Stephen Sprouse Speedy handbag for their artistic creation, which also makes this classic design style always radiate vitality, flappers their favorite!

Louis Vuitton Alma handbag, 1934:Louis Vuitton in 1934 created one of the classic handbag, prototype from 1934 by Mr. Gaston-Louis Vuitton creative Squire Bag travel bag. Alma word taken from the Place de L’Alma Alma Square, located the Paris downtown Mengtian Avenue and the Seine River Interchange. With the name of the same strain, Alma handbag elegant simplicity, unique.

Special customLouis Vuitton’s travel history, exquisite and extraordinary custom process to create a hard case with unique features countless amazing who nomadic travelers also deeply impressed by these exquisite products. Special custom hard case travel is no longer lonely, the all lovey able to properly transport, accompanied journey. Special customized service is Louis Vuitton’s tradition of excellence, guests special requirements for product design, brand effort to make access to reach the desire. Louis Vuitton created numerous elegant and innovative products, allowing guests a dream come true, and develop their unique style over the years to remove then designed by Louis Vuitton and son George Vuitton suitcase accompany explorer expedition world canvas bed!

Louis Vuitton Made-to-Order and Custom Mode two categories. The former offers guests customized to the existing section of the package, especially the private things of a personal logo, choose their favorite fabrics and colors, for example, guests from brand offers many fabric or product with the initials. Tailored service allows guests to enjoy their imagination, also artisans develop their skills and matchless process, products are all unique ideas of principle, either lightweight or complex works, from preliminary sketches to production samples are gradually guests the ideas and requirements into reality. The all tailor products are from Paris Asnieres workshop, all processes have the same products responsible for the follow-up of the production of a craftsman.

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