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Large luxury ladies bags, apart from Hermès Platinum package, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was certainly another big. As the most classic styles, Louis Vuitton Speedy prices not only very close to the people, but also all the celebrity heiress who loves explosions bag Oh! Do the rich taste, to pursue high quality life fashion beauty, surely can’t do without your handbag collection, Louis Vuitton Speedy handbagIf you haven’t, let us tell you why. originally known as “Express”, “Speedy” handbag was born in in the 1930 of the 20th century, inspired the rapid development of modern means of transport and fast paced lifestyle of not only handy set combines practical Joker and classic, more successful by the hold-all cross-border daily handbag, called the pinnacle of handbag design. Ever since the arrival of Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton, Speedy inherited classical but also innovation.
Louis Vuitton Speedy in terms of appearance design, even in the absence of the most popular wave point, lace, and rivet design, but it’s classic is not like any trend, is dominated the real fashion, countless female stars to crazy. Both the street and the entertainment, Louis Vuitton Speedy is not off-hand.
On the practicality, Louis Vuitton Speedy is not said. Family size range not only, but also super practical Oh! Handbags are travelling it everything will be fine. Louis Vuitton Speedy of this small but super fit leader. What’s loaded and, of course, could be replaced by oblique backpack, both stylish and easy to do!
Relatively affordable price: Although the Speedy now than I did a few years ago to buy a more expensive $ 100 on, but in many big design around the world, see the sense of it is still like “found a treasure” excited. Now 25cm wide Monogram pattern starting at version of Speedy to 665 dollars, as a works originating from one of the world’s top luxury big, not you are looking for a more affordable deal.Design less famous and luxurious like a Speedy descent that will cost you thousands of dollars in savings.
Rich designs: Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern is certainly the most popular version, but don’t let this reality blinds you, thinking that only a pattern. In fact a lot of people don’t like to have the brand pictorial design, if you happened to be one of them, you can also select the same classic squares and Epi leather version. In addition, each two Louis Vuitton will launch at least one new design. In the autumn and winter series in 2010, for example, Louis Vuitton has introduced a number of very many different leather material (including luxury animal leathers) Speedy.
Exception of strong: on this point, I think even is Louis Vuitton’s “fans” also know about LV handbags absolutely excellent, solid and durable, and particularly their traditional handbag design. And even if you Speedy requires a bit of maintenance, Louis Vuitton after-sales services than any other I can think of any brand is better, of course, except for Hermes, however, you can find a $ 1000 Hermes do?
Multiple sizes, Super Joker: Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag, owned from petite to extra large sizes. If you do not want mobile, Louis Vuitton design also has a long shoulder strap can be detached, as a matter of fact, to carry back use of Speedy is also more stylish, feels like a classic luxury upgrade version of Mailman package. Once you have decided on how to back, even the smallest version of the 25cm enough to fit your daily necessities.
Hepburn likes: you know Audrey Hepburn, but almost always been photographed carrying her favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy. Even the handbag beauty feel good enough, I think for most civilian beauty should also be good enough. Although some people find this handbag has also spread, but in different sizes, colours and materials version, can choose, no less. Whatever the case, it can’t change it is to design a handbag full of extraordinary significance, namely Luxury handbags in the world occupies an important place in history forever, absolute values have to have, Oh.
End of the zipper lock details Speedy identification of the classic, from antique bag requirements for security and privacy lock, now a Speedy noble status symbol. And exquisite interiors with high leather side bag chrome wire show brand of elegant and gorgeous. Cotton lined with wear-resisting not only practical, elegant dark brown handbag and more exterior complement each other. Launched branded “name will be drawn at the body surface” custom services, so you really have a unique exclusive handbags.
Called the Louis Vuitton Pinnacle Speedy handbag is not only fashionable, classic styling Joker, light package, soft materials and relatively spacious internal space brings you more comfort, and practical experience. Speedy in the new quarter on the basis of its classic design, introduced in “name will be drawn at the surface of handbags” special customization services, give you a personal exclusive real classics.

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Louis Vuitton Keepall Strap bag

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Era of evolution, leading to design evolution, this Louis Vuitton who has hundreds of years of history, can get the most vivid proof. During the first world war in order to adapt to, situations of general need light to carry objects around, known for creating luggage LV was born in 1924, a vegan lv Keepall bag surface. Keepall put on the famous LV Monogram pattern, also depend on the shortage of raw materials during World War II, then LVis in the raw material plight of canvas reform movement, classic Monogram pattern printed on waterproof coating materials on canvas, makes bags travel lighter and more suitable for transport. Put on new clothes lv Keepall bag is highly revered, the gradual evolution into today we see the Speedy, popularity ranking LV product sales topped the list. Speedy this season has not only followed classical Monogram Canvas and leather before, but on a leather embroidered sequins, with great Brilliance to win the favor of customers, cannot say enough publicity, glaring enough.

Timeless shapes. Lasting relevance. The classic Louis Vuitton canvas. Lv Keepall bag is always in fashion, and reality too and internal capacity. Size (LxHxD): 21.6 “x 12.2″ x 9.4 “(1″ = 2.54 cm).Removable belt shoulder patch. Strap and handles. Cabin size. Removable leather name tag. Flexible and multiple bags.
We now bags online store, selling LV Keepall bag only $179, you can put it back. This Louis Vuitton Keepall bag with serial numbers, authenticity card, Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton dust bag and Louis ·Wyndham health booklets. Quality: grade 100% real Leather.It A+++ Super replica bags of the same look and feel as the original. Few people can recognize that it is not one of the original package. You can receive is the same picture can be seen here.
Similar lv Keepall bag:

More fashion Louis Vuitton handbags online for you,that you can buy high qulity designer handbags online for women,

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Stars Love The LOUIS VUITTON Bag

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LOUIS VUITTON official website has carried out various activities relating to the case, such as “global cities” micro-film series, “100 legendary bag” iPad application, how to use different styles of bags to pack. Each activity is manufacture of the exquisite travel experience, let this to produce bags started out as veteran endless showed bags of charm. Precisely because the have the excellent workmanship and has a long history, LV bags have also become an actress of their loved ones. To see what’s going on is which bag is actress heart okay.
LV Epi Leather Alma, street shoot in 2012 fall/winter haute couture week, Fan Ye love this bag alone. A simple black and white, with a bright orange. Makes people’s eyes light up. This Epi leather AlMA handbag, fashion and femininity. You can select multiple colors (Orange, Ruby red color, mint green, bright yellow, fluorescent pink, ivory color, violet color, and so on)
LV Speedy Damier Azur. Hilary Duff a refreshing mix, this handbag has played a role of the finishing touch. Come feel the wind blowing in the summer. This speedy bag space large, equipped with a padlock zipper opening, Damier Canvas bags, equipped with round handle, is a practical fashion hand bag.
Angelina Jolie’s favorite this package-LV Monogram Sac Plat, no wonder all hold their own private went to shoot a promotional fashion blockbusters. Visible appearance of big stars not only attaches importance to bag has not forgotten fear of practicality. The shopping bags debut in 1968 for the first time, has now become a graceful fashion handbag, with two pockets and a d-ring buckle handbag or the key.
Upper East side heiress Queen b Fan Er small arms is, of course, behind the gleaming beauty packages.Specific to the LV Monogram Vernis red patent leather material exudes noble luster. ALMA trumpeter kits in shape from 30 design, has now become a classic style in the House series. This handbag use portable design, Monogram Vernis leather cladding, and fasteners to close. You can select multiple colors (red pomegranate, wild red, Fuchsia, coral and white)
Heiress Paris hold love dandle, slung a fresh from the LV Monogram Idylle Street. Natural mood good, mouth slightly upwards. Magic of beauty package really create a good mood. This fresh Monogram Idylle canvas handbags used material, bold contrast color leather fringe, and the magnificent golden brass fitting detail designed richer. Go with multifunction shoulder strap, the liberation of hands, easy fashion.You can select multiple colors (grey, pink, graphite grey, charcoal Brown)

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012 Handbag

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Because recent there has been released Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012 collection,all the fans ofLouis Vitton can celebrate now.Just take a look al all the design of the handbags,it really make let my heart beat fast.

Lochit retro sdyle united with modern touch in truly luxurious handbags.

Really warm and comfortable handbag shearling completely cover, a bag with 3 d effect, a keyholder bag clever union, comply with the design. All you have to do is to find a suitable handbag with the right equipment.

Thanks for these handbags with these designer of Fall Winter 2012,our life is much more colorful.

Fall Winter 2012 Lockit M40597-Celebrate iconic Louis Vuitton style with the Lockit. Glossy and glamorous Monogram Fetish canvas adorns its timeless curves, while a refined matt goatskin lining completes its sophisticated look.





Fall Winter 2012 Lockit Cluth M40596-Add a touch of Louis Vuitton glamour with the Lockit Clutch. Glossy Monogram Fetish canvas is elegantly contrasted with a luxurious matt goatskin lining and a bold removable chain and handcuff set.







Fall Winter 2012 Lockit M91872-The contrasting topstitches and golden studs of this bag offset the suppleness of the goatskin. It easily holds all daily essentials and A4 documents.







Louis Vuitton N96607-This adoptable Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Neverfull MM can be used as a tote with large storage space, or tightened by its side laces to make a smaller city bag.





Louis Vuitton N96606-A handbag interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s famous travel Keepall, the Speedy 30 is the ideal city bag. With a roomy interior, classic satchel shape and fine-quality finishes, a luxurious bag for every day.








Fall Winter 2012 Lockit Voyage M40598-The Lockit Voyage makes a stylish addition to any outfit. This oversized version of a timeless shape spotlights a luxurious matt goatskin lining contrasting the glossy Monogram Fetish canvas.

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Louis Vuitton shop in Paris

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Recently, Many France media reported that due to the rapid increase in the number of Asian tourists foreign customers, Louis Vuitton had to shorten its Paris store opening hours to avoid in danger of out of stock at Christmas time.

In Paris, customers wait in line shopping phenomenon has been normal while others buy Louis vuitton online. These customers, some are China and mainly tourists. On containers in the shop, some models of handbags has been out stock, customers need to make an appointment and wait for a few weeks to buy favourite products. France’s newspaper said: at least the luxury goods industry is back to generosity tiem. ” The economic crisis? Where can I get? ” The world newspaper reporters such ridicule.To prevent this goods out stock on Christmas, recently , Louis Vuitton store closing time advanced from 8 o’clock to 7 o’clock, the other stores in Paris ahead of closing time from 7 o’clock until 6 o’clock. The new opening hours will be continued until the end of November.

A sales staff said that, apart from shortening the opening hours, louis vuitton has also taken measures to limit the goods quatity : every customer can only buy a package and a small leather goods, or can only purchase two small leather goods. This salesperson explained that this measure is not to deny the customer, but in order to meet the wishes of as many customers as possible.

In Paris, Louis Vuitton shop is overcrowding because of these shop prices far lower than other cities in the world of Louis Vuitton store’s price. Paris shop in some commodity prices are lower than the Beijing store 40%, 30% lower than in shops in Hong Kong. Moreover, foreign customers also can enjoy rebates of up to 12% when to leave France.

But now, people are no need to buy Louis vuitton in Paris. ” buy Louis vuitton online could also enjoy the low-price and high-quality Louis vuitton bags” Amazon’s worker said.

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Louis Vuitton Launch Summer “W” Bag Collection

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Louis Vuitton launch w bag collection

Louis Vuitton as the one of most popular and famous luxury leather brand, every year, it will be launched new design collection to leading the top fashion trends. It is founded in France in 1854, Louis Vuitton has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned luxury brands. Louis Vuitton shop online usually in the latest fashion trends times in nice price! This summer, after the Summer 2012 Noefull Style collection and Summer Spring 2013 Collection, the brand offers us another set of classic bags to go “gaga” over – The new Louis Vuitton W Bag collection! Billed as combining “tradition with innovation”, the new collection contains five summer totes and is named after the ‘W’ shape formed by the materials that the bags are made of.A very chic mix of tradition and innovation, the W bag collection has been named so, owing to its shape. Very classic and stylishly sober, the bags come in a variety of avatars, most of which you would instantly fall in love with.

The bags feature varying material combinations including smooth and soft leather with a Monogram canvas, a velvety tufted effect and leather embroidery “inspired by the art of tapestry”.On its exteriors, the bag sports two materials that have been harmoniously combined to conform to an abstract ‘W’ figure. The bags display different material combinations which include smooth and soft leather with the iconic emblematic Monogram canvas, a velvety tufted effect and even embroidery on leather “inspired by the art of tapestry”. The interiors are in suede leather with pockets.The Louis Vuitton W bag collection will go on sale in July. You can go to our Louis Vuitton Online Store to shop them for the great price with top quality.


Monogram W Bag
Size: PM
Color: Noisette
Price: $227


Monogram Tuffetage W Bag
Size: GM
Color: Gris
Price: $227


Monogram Tuffetage W Bag
Size: PM
Color: Pistache
Price: $227


Monogram W Bag
Size: PM
Color: Black
Price: $227


Fleur Tuffetage W Bag
Size: GM
Color: Prunille
Price: US$227

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