Introducing the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Neverfull Bag

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Louis Vuitton Epi Neverfull Bag

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag may be one of the brand’s newest classics, but that doesn’t mean LV is in a rush to flood the market with as many different versions as possible. First, there was only monogram canvas, and then came Damier, both Eben and Azur. Today, we’re excited to bring you the first leather version of the ever-popular tote – the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Neverfull Bag MM.

For the moment, the Epi Neverfull only comes in the medium MM size, which is probably just fine for most shoppers – it’s the most popular of the three options anyway. The initial run of the bag comes in seven colors, ranging from basic black to brights like yellow and orange, and boasts a microsuede interior. The bag retails for $1,990 and is available now, both at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. We’d give you a direct link to the product page, but at present, the company’s website isn’t cooperating with our efforts to locate that page. (Or to open at all.) Luckily, we have a bunch of photos of the new bag, in all its colorful glory, below.

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton W Bag

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Louis Vuitton W Bag (5)

Actually, this is a bit of a re-introduction or, perhaps, a formal introduction. Many of you have already seen the new Louis Vuitton W Bag in the arms of Michelle Williams, who stars in the brand’s fall handbag ads, but now we have a close-up look at all five versions of the bag, which is one of Vuitton’s marquee new pieces for Fall 2013.

Monogram haters, take a seat – even though this bag doesn’t come in any entirely logo’d versions, you will find the iconic logo gracing the gussets of four out of five colorways, both in the traditional coated canvas and tonal leather with flocked motifs for a bit of added texture. The fifth version, alternately features overlaid flowers in a black-and-white check print. (At least I think they’re flowers; because of the check print, finding the edges of the forms in photos can be a little dizzying.)

I hold out hope for a future version of this bag without the monograms, but as it stands, the bag has grown on me a bit since I first encountered it. Although it plays on the ever-popular element of flared gussets a la Celine, Vuitton’s designers have done perhaps the best job of any major brand making the look their own, bringing the line of the gussets in well past their traditional borders at the edge of a bag’s front panel. I’m still not entirely convinced about the handle attachments, but they do mirror the slanted lines of the bag’s design quite well.

The bag comes in two sizes, PM and GM – the PM is 13 inches wide, while the GM reaches almost 16. The shape starts at $3,700 for a PM mixture of leather and canvas and tops out at $5,150 for a GM all-leather bag. You’ll be able to shop these bags this fall via Louis Vuitton.

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM now available in Epi Leather

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Its probably no secret that I’m not your biggest fan of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag design. It could well be that every girl and their mother is carrying it or that the knock-offs out number the genuine items. It could be that the LV monogram, classic as it is, is pretty much done to death.

So when I was told by fellow conspirator, LeGeeque that they were doing one in my favourite LV material – Epi Leather, my heart sank. Why?! I beseeched the skies. WHY!

But I saw it in person just this week and mauled it a little and suddenly, I had a little change of heart.

louis vuitton epi neverfull

This was spotted at the Louis Vuitton store at Ion Orchard, Singapore. I had to admit that the colours were bright and eye catching and well, there’s that lovely epi leather!

The epi leather Neverfull comes only in the MM size which is the medium size. It is pretty large and can fit a ton and I felt somehow that the straps did feel a little more thick and sturdy compared to the canvas version.

The reason they now make the Neverfull in epi leather, I was told, is because LV has revamped the epi leather, making it softer, more pliable and lighter. The bag itself isn’t too heavy and yet its stiff enough that it doesn’t flop over the way the canvas version does.

Unlike the canvas version, the epi leather Neverfull comes with a detachable slim pouch that you can hook to a ring inside the bag, or detach it for use separately. Its like getting 2 for the price of 1 :P The colour of the interior cloth lining matches the colour of the leather outside, so the bright yellow one that caught my eye the most is just as bright on the inside.

Unlike the canvas version also, the epi Neverfull isn’t soft enough for you to reshape it to a more compact shape with the straps on the side. The straps therefore, are pretty much for show only. I tried, but its far too stiff, and the SA looked like she was about to have a fit if I even attempted folding the leather so I held off :P

There is a hook clasp to allow you to keep the bag closed, but its a bit too fiddly. All in all, I’d say that it is pretty much like many other open totes already available out there. There are some alternatives to the Neverfull here with the Michael Kors Jet Set tote scoring pretty high on the list. I’d say it still hits full marks for a relatively affordable and pretty leather tote. But if your pockets go deeper than a Michael Kors and you want to really stand out from the Neverfull toting crowd, then the Epi Neverfull MM it will be for you.

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Louis Vuitton 2013 early autumn series of ads large preview

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Intersection of classical and modern, costumes and forest silhouetted against the rain soaked bentonite and windowsill, compared to the house quiet and refined atmosphere. This series with Louis Vuitton as the main early autumn preview series, the interpretation of a variety of background elements, which is the fashion-phase series will make people stare of reasons, in my mind drift concept into action is difficult to capture the screen that appears in the life ; which, I am in the forest wearing fine clothes, a woman pushing a stroller most sense, from facial expressions to gestures, all in all, are so harmonious yet unreal.

Louis Vuitton 2013 early autumn series of ads large preview

Louis Vuitton 2013 early autumn series of ads large preview

Louis Vuitton 2013 early autumn series of ads large preview

Louis Vuitton 2013 early autumn series of ads large preview

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LOUIS VUITTON, Love Lock Series jewelry, locking eternal love

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It is said that this trend originated in the early 1980s the Hungarian city of Pecs (Pécs), local lovers in connection with the cathedral mosque on the fence line on the streets padlock symbol of love commitment. Cologne, Germany, is even more ancient tradition, couples will lock hanging on the bridge near the station Hohenzollern (Hohenzollern Bridge) on the gate, keys thrown into the Rhine bridge, a symbol of love forever.

LOUIS VUITTON Lock it Jewelry Collection

Serbia Most Ljubavi (Love Bridge) is a famous love locks attractions, this bridge has a reputation, is to commemorate the First World War before a female teacher and a soldier unrequited love story. Local girl in lock engraved with their lover's name and the lock hanging on the parapet, keys thrown into the river, do not grovel other women pray Valentine graces. I do not know when to begin, more and more couples from around the world will lock hanging on the famous landmark on the bridge, pray for love is even the same. It is said that Italian writer Federico Moccia's writings "Three metres above the sky" and "I Want You", so to Italians since 2007 in Rome Mi Weiqi bridge (Milvian Bridge) and Florence's old bridge (Vecchio Bridge) hang love lock.

New Lockit jewelry display

A few months later, this trend Huadu Paris blown romantic, artistic bridge (Pont des Arts) began to appear on the fence various forms of padlocks to 2010 Paris love locks have seen in the market over 5000. Korea Seoul Tower on the fence is also covered with love locks, the Administration should always put a new fence, so padlock blocking public views of the surrounding landscape. Moscow Cove Bridge (Loujkov Bridge) is set on a metal tree stand to lovers padlocks, tourists from around the world will have a padlock on the tree, forming a very strange city.
Fengyuan, Taichung train station next to the train bridge into a "Wishing Bridge", many people will wish to write on the lock hanging on the fence, and pray to find a partner or as soon as Everlasting Love. Station manager pointed out that the locals believe that a strong magnetic field generated when the train passes the padlock will be absorbed, but also help everyone wishes come true. Whether Moscow Cove Bridge cycads, Florence Old Bridge, China Huangshan Lotus Peak, Fengyuan, Taichung station, Paris, Pont des Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay Square fountain, Rome Mi Weiqi bridge, etc., showing love lock has become a common practice around the world, most recently Vancouver Island a hiking trail and  River Bridge (Humber Bridge) are beginning to emerge lover lock. Although many local municipal authorities try to perform shear locks or fine action, but still unimpeded around the world countless lovers on the bridge or landmark attractions hung lover lock to AU heart. Couples from around the world came to historical landmarks promise the promise of love, the journey will be a simple upgrade to the rich symbolism experience. LOUIS VUITTON lovers of the world presents Lockit jewelry series, witness sexual gratification, love eternal.

Wish to write the lock hanging on the fence, and pray to find a partner or as soon as Everlasting Love.

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The new Empreinte Speedy Louis Vuitton handbags debut

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Louis Vuitton's famous classic bag models Speedy, has been one of the brand's best-selling products, as consumers increasingly pay attention to the diversity of the material, from Louis Vuitton Monogram to Monogram Empreinte, from the legendary elegance leather to canvas Canvas , 2012 launched a new Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere, use the smallest size Speedy, Speedy retains the classic shape but changed Monogram Empreinte fine calfskin jacket, conspicuous large size zipper with bronze studs, spacious body bags attached on a removable one-piece strap, can shoulder hanging, diagonal body, or return to the most primitive portable way.

Monogram Empreinte stamping calfskin original series in four colors: deep blue expanse Infini, orange Orient, purple Aube, and attractive purple Aurore. On this basis, Speedy 25 Strap fifth paragraph added new color: Brown Terre: low-key but famously, alluding to the Louis Vuitton brand history. Surprisingly, this package initially called "Express (Express)", to reflect that era people for newer and faster way to travel pursuits. Had at one stage, also known as "Will the inner (Vernet)", taken from the Louis Vuitton street where I live hall. And after officially named speedy, as is now known by the name of people all over the world.

Speedy 25 handbag heritage with a fascinating historical story. As early as 1965, as the Louis Vuitton brand loyal patrons shadow Houaodaili • Hepburn, commissioned by Henry • Louis Vuitton Speedy bag specially ordered a compact version. Since then, Speedy 25 has become the most fashionable taste after a long shadow companion, and were later sought after by numerous contestants are favored.
Speedy Louis Vuitton brand to become the first one has a soft and delicate leather Icon package models; same color printing embossed design, compared to the previous Monogram Speedy bag more low-key high texture, has been officially launched in the autumn. Hollywood actress Selena Gomez, Diane Kruger Diane Kruger, have been carrying a black street shooting Watch Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy 25 Bandouliere out, looks really quite casual and practical, should be soon it set off a new Louis Vuitton bag section boom.

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