10 Luxury Items Millennials Could Aspire to Invest in That Are Totally worth the Money

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Gone are the days when a young working professional's forms of investment—outside of regular saving accounts and the multitude of confusing retirement plan options—were restricted to gold coins and jewellery. 

Born to a generation that is, relatively, more privileged than that of our parents' — the urban Indian millennial of today is well-travelled, well aware, and knows the worth of a sensible luxury purchase. Beyond just being aspirational, the highly demanding and disruptive youth of today understands that certain luxury items either retain or appreciate in value, and are worth the expenditure of a hard-earned disposable income.

No longer satisfied with just a monogrammed bag, or an expensive item of technology, this generation demands diversity, uniqueness and, above all, curated taste and experiences. Be it offbeat travel experiences, organic farm-to-table foods (often at a much higher cost than usual), or inhomogeneous accessories and home accents — our purchases have to tell a story. A story woven into the fabric of that which is rare, classy, and whose value will stand the test of time.

In keeping with our own ambitions, here are 10 luxury items a millennial could aspire to invest in that are, actually, totally worth your money and will appreciate in value:

A Chanel 2.55 bag

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Heralded as a legit "investment piece," the iconic handbag is considered abetter investment avenue than even property, given how its value has skyrocketed by 70 percent (!!) in the past 6 years alone. While we wouldn't peg that as gospel financial advice, we certainly wouldn't dismiss the joy and value of owning this classic, which now retails for anywhere between $4,000 - $6,000 (₹2,60,000 - ₹4,00,000 approximately).

An Hermès scarf

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If you suspected we might have included the other iconic bag, the Birkin, in this list, you don't have us figured out. Believed to be woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons, with hand-stitched hems, these legendary items have been worn by the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace Kelly, and actress Sharon Stone, among others. They are, in fact, even displayed as pillows or framed wall-hangings. An average silk scarf can range anywhere from $175 to $1,825 (₹12,000 - ₹1,20,000 approximately).

Curated art work by up and coming artists


India now plays host to an ever burgeoning art market that isn't solely restricted to the old-moneyed collectors, auction houses, and investors. With the advent of several public art fairs across the country, there's a whole host of up and coming artists who are yet to find their place in the spotlight, and whose artwork is still affordable for the young house owner with a penchant and eye for appreciable pieces and artists.

(You can shop for the miniature painting featured above, here.)

Expensive luggage

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While we understand that not everyone can afford a Louis Vuitton carry-all, especially if the threat of lost airport luggage looms large, a good, sturdy, well-made piece of designer luggage does go a long way in enduring short-term travel and makes a stylish statement to boot.

Gold jewellery

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Alright, we'll admit it — gold IS a solid investment. However, think beyond the coins and bars, and invest in intricate, well-made jewellery pieces that are made with at least 22 karat gold. After all, good jewellery never goes out of style, will appreciate in value, and can be passed down for decades.

A Burberry trench coat

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Classic, well-tailored, comfortable, versatile, and always in vogue — there's really no argument to be made against shelling out anywhere between ₹50,000 - ₹80,000 (or even a lakh) approximately, depending upon the style, for an item of clothing that has defied the test of time, trends, and tastes. 

Hand touched, rare decorative items from across the world


There are few people who wouldn't be envious of someone with an eye for good decor. Be it tribal masks, intricate marble inlay curios, stunning wood carvings, cutesy blue pottery vases, or more — beautiful, handmade decorative items ought to be on every young collector's wishlist. Should travelling across the world seem a daunting task for those looking to do up their living or office space, or purchase by way of a gift — look no further than the vast, carefully curated collection at CuroCarte.

(You can shop for the lamp featured above, here.)

A pair (or more) of Louboutin shoes

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The now-iconic red soled heels are a must-have on every fashionista's wishlist. While we concede that nothing quite compares to the charm and class of a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, the Louboutins are a closer representation of the brash, edgy sensibilities of today's urbane millennial. 

High-end watches

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While a smartphone-addicted millennial might argue that watches are mere showpieces now, many of us still romanticise the idea of either inheriting or purchasing an expensive, well-designed, technologically-refined watch that will only grow in sentimental attachment and monetary value in the years to come. While one might always aspire to a Patek Philippe, an Omega, or a Rolex, you could also consider the recently launched Michael Kors Access range of smartwatches.

A well made designer suit and/or gown OR a rare saree


Everyone needs a formal wardrobe classic crafted so exquisitely, it is worth being termed a heirloom. Be it a well-tailored Savile Row suit for men, or a handwoven saree in a rare fabric for women, the options are unlimited. Beautifully embroidered Chantilly lace sarees are a great investment, in spite of being very delicate. Kanjeevaram silk sarees with gold borders are an option worth trying, as are Banarasi silk sarees. As far as gowns go, you can't do better than a vintage piece by couturier Oscar De La Renta.

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