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Doutzen Kroes stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignDoutzen Kroes stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaign

Top models are teaming up with Tiffany & Co. for a good cause. The luxury jeweler recently launched the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign to raise money and awareness in order to end elephant poaching. Model Doutzen Kroes leads the black and white shots which also star Raquel Zimmermann, Imaan Hammam, Constance jablonski, Fernanda Ly, Mica Arganaraz, Julia Nobis and Frederikke Sofie. Daniel Jacksoncaptured the campaign with styling by Alastair McKimm. In each shot, the girls wear a special elephant pendant made of 18k gold. The Tiffany campaign was made in order to inspire donations to the Elephant Crisis Fund. 


Raquel Zimmermann stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignRaquel Zimmermann stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignConstance Jablonski stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignConstance Jablonski stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignFernanda Ly stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignFernanda Ly stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignImaan Hammam stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignImaan Hammam stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignFrederikke Sofie stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignFrederikke Sofie stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignMica Arganaraz stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignMica Arganaraz stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignJulia Nobis stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaignJulia Nobis stars in #KnotOnMyPlanet Tiffany & Co. campaign

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Bulgari: Presenting New Face Lily Aldridge

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Supermodel Lily Aldridge, described as the Mediterranean Renaissance beauty that embodies the magnetism of the luxury Roman jeweller, is now also the face (and muse) of Bulgari for the next two years, and they have kicked off this partnership with a new ad campaign lensed by famed photographer Mario Testino.

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Michael Kors Access Dylan Smartwatch

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‘Now there’s no need to sacrifice style for technology.’ – Michael Kors

For someone who’s a bit of a snob when it comes to watches (preferably classically beautiful from a good brand, and best if it is already an icon in its own right), seeing people who wear smartwatches always elicits looks of bewilderment from me. Which are then followed by the same 3 questions that will almost always run through my mind. Why would you need one when you already do everything on the smartphone you own? Won’t a smartwatch just duplicate everything anyway? And for goodness sake, why is your smartwatch so ugly?

Which is also why for the longest time, I’ve never thought about getting myself one, because, what’s the point, right? All that was set to change when I was tasked to try out (and review) Michael Kors’ very first smartwatch, the Dylan. For one thing, it’s pretty good looking, a 46 mm stainless steel case in matte black attached to a thick silicone strap that’s not only sporty but feels snug on the wrist as well. In other words, it falls into the category of chunky, manly watches that I personally like. So that’s one hurdle down.

One down, two to go.


So why would you need an additional gadget when your smartphone already does everything, right? For one thing, and here’s the fun part, you can change the watch’s face as many times as you like, all with a simple swipe to the left. At last count, there were at least 15 different faces on my smartwatch, and it allowed me to go from classic roman numerals to flashy digital, and even have glitz running down my wrist. Ok, maybe not the last one, but you know what I mean.


And that’s not all. You can also choose to add on additional features to your smartwatch’s face, like a 2nd time zone, a fitness tracker (Google Fit™) and even the weather, so everything is literally there when you glance down at the watch. There’s no need to open additional apps (as you would on your smartphone), which makes it even more convenient. Then there’s also the connectivity bit. Say you’re in a serious work meeting and looking at your smartphone will be frowned on but you still want to know how many likes your latest Instagram pic is receiving. Well, the Dylan smartwatch will show you that (albeit discreetly, of course), along with incoming calls, WhatsApp notifications, Facebook updates, the list just goes on and on. You just have to decide what’s most important and customise it as you see fit.

Powered by Android Wear™, you can even ‘Ask Google’ to search something for you online because it’s wirelessly connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it works well on both Apple and Android phones, so no worries there. In other words, this smartwatch isn’t going to duplicate anything, but instead it’s going to be an extension of your fast-loving lifestyle that requires you to be on top of everything without being constantly chained to your smartphone. Yes, I know how ironic that sounds, but having this baby on my wrist really means checking my own smartphone much less, and actually for the first time in a long time, allowed me to put it away inside my bag and freed my hands to do the more important things in life, like eating, exercising and shopping with both hands.

Priced at SGD590, you can pick up the Michael Kors Access Dylansmartwatch at Michael Kors boutiques, as well as selected department stores. And if you prefer something with a little more bling, there’s also the Bradshaw smartwatch that comes in colours like Gold and Rose Gold, with full stainless steel bracelets that even Carrie won’t be able to resist.

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New arrivals: Tiffany & Co's T collection at Net-a-PorterNew arrivals: Tiffany & Co’s T collection at Net-a-Porter

After officially launching at Net-a-Porter earlier this year, Tiffany & Co’s ’T’ Collection gets an update for the season. Inspired by New York City energy and creativity, the range includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces each with a distinctive T signature. Modern yet classic, these jewelry pieces are perfect to wear with everything from a sweater and jeans to cocktail-ready dresses. Check out more from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Gold Diamond EarringsTiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Gold Diamond EarringsTiffany & Co. 18 Karat Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co. 18 Karat Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co. T Wrap 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Wrap 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Smile 18 Karat Gold BraceletTiffany & Co. T Smile 18 Karat Gold BraceletTiffany & Co. 18 Karat White Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co. 18 Karat White Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Square Coated Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold BraceletTiffany & Co. T Square Coated Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Bracelet

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Square Bracelet With Black Ceramic

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There are bracelets you stack to have the best #wristparty imaginable, and then there are bracelets you can wear on their own and still make a statement. This one, from Tiffany & Co., is definitely one of them. From the much-loved Tiffany Tcollection, this jaw-dropping silver cuff comes ‘dipped’ in 18K gold at the end before it’s finished with black ceramic, for a look that’s not only very sharp, it would be that something special that you can add to your otherwise monochrome wardrobe without looking like you just robbed a pawn shop.

A new arrival that’s priced at SGD2550, there are only a couple of pieces at Tiffany & Co. ION Orchard and Ngee Ann City, so you better move fast to make the T Square Bracelet with black ceramic mine. I mean, yours. Not mine, even though I really want it. Damn it, Alvin, stop blogging and shopping at the same time, ok?

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Chanel CC Leather Woven Chain Earrings
Style code: A96197
Price: $550 USD, €490 euro, £415 GBP, $780 SGD, $4100 HKD, $760 AUD, ¥65880 JPY


So what do we do when we can’t find the bag we are hunting for? We check Chanel earrings and there are so many choices.

Oh gosh, Chanel Cearrings. Let’s dive into the details, shall we? So here are our two favorite picks.

These Chanel CC Leather Woven Chain Earrings are made from the House’s most iconic elements. Just look at it! Gorgeous earrings, with CC signature in the center and surrounded with Leather Woven Chain, just like your Classic Flap Bag.

So here’s the conclusion, without the Classic Wallet and these Classic Earrings, your Classic Flap Bag will never be complete.


Chanel Shiny Bug Earrings
Style code: A97176
Price: $1050 USD, €1000 euro, £850 GBP, $1600 SGD, $8400 HKD, $1550 AUD


It’s a pair of unique earrings, but you either love it or not. Here is a pair of Chanel Bug Earrings crafted from metal, strass and resin. While it’s beautiful and shiny, these earrings are made with the utmost attention to the details. Take a closer look at the wings and the body of the bug; it’s embellished with little shiny gems.

So which one are you going to hunt this time huh?


Chanel CC Bug Earrings
Style code: A97175
Price: $1100 USD, €1060 euro, £900 GBP, $1690 SGD, $8900 HKD, $1650 AUD, ¥142560 JPY



Chanel CC Coin Earrings
Style code: A96244
Price: $650 USD, €620 euro, £520 GBP, $990 SGD, $5200 HKD, $960 AUD, ¥83160 JPY



Chanel CC Crystal Pearl Earrings
Style code: A96259
Price: $550 USD, €490 euro, £415 GBP, $780 SGD, $4100 HKD, $760 AUD, ¥65880 JPY



Chanel Golden CC Earrings
Style code: A95449
Price: $375 USD, €340 euro, £285 GBP, $540 SGD, $2900 HKD, $530 AUD, ¥45360 JPY



Chanel Pearl Chain Earrings
Style code: A96212
Price: $425 USD, €365 euro, £310 GBP, $580 SGD, $3100 HKD, $570 AUD, ¥48600 JPY



Chanel CC Pearl Earrings
Style code: A96231
Price: $625 USD, €600 euro, £510 GBP, $960 SGD $5000 HKD, $930 AUD, ¥79920 JPY


Chanel Glass Pearl Earrings
Style code: A95567
Price: $700 USD, €670 euro, £560 GBP, $1070 SGD, $5600 HKD, $1040 AUD, ¥89640 JPY

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