Chanel Plumes Collection

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chanel_plumes-collection5The backstory of how this collection came about is about as simple and as straightforward as it gets. Gabrielle Chanel received her first magazine cover back in 1910, where she was shot wearing a hat adorned with feathers in multiple colours. She also wore her own hats to subsequent shoots, one with a white feather, the other, a black one.

In Karl Lagerfeld’s recently released short film ‘Once Upon A Time…’, you’ll also see references of feathered hats. Lots of feathered hats, to be exact.

chanel_plumes-collection4Which brings us to the Chanel Plumes collection, which imagines the feather in a beautiful collection of fine and high jewellery (that means expensive and more expensive, by the way) in white gold or yellow gold adorned with diamonds and pink topaz.

chanel_plumes-collection3Looking light as a feather despite what it must weigh, it’s a testament of the craftsmanship and attention to detail given to the pieces, each more beautiful and delicate than the next.

chanel_plumes-collection2From dazzling chokers and necklaces to all manner of rings, bracelets and earrings, each piece comes set with at least one hundred diamonds. Take this ring for example, that’s shown above. Even though it’s one of the smallest pieces you’ll find in the collection, it already has 94 diamonds set onto it.

chanel_plumes-collection1Available only at the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique in Ngee Ann City, it’s a collection Gabrielle Chanel herself would certainly approve, given her own affiliation to the humble feather that’s now a permanent feature in Chanel’s heritage.

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Fred 8°0 Bracelet Collection

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To celebrate French jeweller Fred’s 80th anniversary, they have launched the 8°0 Bracelet collection, which for obvious reasons, have knots that resemble the number 8. In other words, besides really looking good on your wrist, they are also lucky charms in their own right and available in a variety of precious metals, from pink and white to yellow gold.

And depending on how much bling you need, you can go for the plain ones, the ones that come partly-paved or even the full paved ones for the all out party on a wrist. Now available in Singapore at Fred’s boutique that’s located within Marina Bay Sands, you can, if you like, opt for the straps to be in leather as opposed to their traditional bracelets that come woven in steel. Mix it up I say, and find the combination that best suits your wrist party.

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Rihanna Designs (and Models) Futuristic Sunglasses for Dior

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Rihanna wears sunglasses from upcoming Dior collaborationRihanna wears sunglasses from upcoming Dior collaboration

A year and a half after being named a brand ambassador for Dior, singer Rihanna has collaborated with the French fashion house once again for a new range of sunglasses. Called ‘Rihanna’, the shades will be sold solely at Dior stores in June, according to WWD. For the official promotional images, who better but Rihanna herself to model the futuristic, visor inspired designs? Jean-Baptiste Mondino photographs the pop star modeling the collection while wearing a form-fitting bodysuit. In all, there are six colors with the option of a gold-plated version.


Rihanna rocks one-piece and sunglasses from her Dior collaborationRihanna rocks one-piece and sunglasses from her Dior collaborationRihanna wears purple frames from Dior collaborationRihanna wears purple frames from Dior collaborationRihanna and Dior's sunglasses collection hits stores in June 2016Rihanna and Dior’s sunglasses collection hits stores in June 2016Rihanna x Dior sunglassesRihanna x Dior sunglassesRihanna x Dior sunglassesRihanna x Dior sunglasses

Images via WWD


Rihanna poses in Dior 'Secret Garden' filmRihanna poses in Dior ‘Secret Garden’ film

Last year, the world got its first glimpse at Rihanna’s Dior ambassadorship with the release of ‘Secret Garden IV’. The Barbadian beauty posed in Versailles for the campaign and film featuring her in dramatic looks captured by Steven Klein.

Rihanna is sultry for Dior's 2015 Secret Garden campaign.Rihanna is sultry for Dior’s 2015 Secret Garden campaign.Rihanna is sultry for Dior's 2015 Secret Garden campaign.Rihanna is sultry for Dior’s 2015 Secret Garden campaign.

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My Way, My Way, doesn’t it sound familiar?

You must have heard about the new handbag, released one season ago, the Fendi By The Way Handbag, a new way of carrying and styling your outfits.

READ: Fendi By The Way Bag

But today, we need to make another announcement, it’s the NEW Fendi My Way Watch, a must have for any woman. It’s an exclusive and original timepiece, adorned either with a small or large fox fur glamour, both crafted by the Fendi fur atelier.

Captivating, exciting and classy, it’s made for all women who wish to assert their individuality. The Fendi My Way Watches embrace the wrist with luxury and originality, they come in all sizes – from small to large, decorated in all flavors – with from diamonds to fur and in all prices – from $3,100 USD to $13,000 USD. Catch the one that matches to your personality.

It’s a ultra-feminine timepiece that can be dressed with a dazzling fox fur Glamy to add it an exquisite touch of glamour and ensure the grand entrance in special occasions.

Truly a piece of art, check them all out.














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Dior Mise En Dior Pearl Earring Collection

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dior_mise-en-dior-pearl-earring-collection1In keeping with the new Dior that’s all about Raf Simons’ vision of elegant femininity with ingenious twists that are both quietly beautiful and pleasing to the eye, Camille Miceli (the Creative Director in charge of costume jewellery at the French house) takes a leaf out of Raf’s book and presents the Mise En Dior Pearl Earring collection, a selection of asymmetrical pearl bead earrings that come in the prettiest hues.

dior_mise-en-dior-pearl-earring-collection2One large, one small, the smaller of the two sits in front of the ear with the larger pearl behind, which while odd at first glance does work beautifully together. Priced from between SGD360 and SGD430, they will be available in Singapore at Dior boutiques at ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Ngee Ann City from late June.

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Rianne van Rompaey stars in BOSS' 2016 eyewear campaignRianne van Rompaey stars in BOSS’ 2016 eyewear campaign

Shot on location in Santiago, Chile, BOSS’ 2016 eyewear campaign features sleek frames just in time for the summer season. Dutch model Rianne van Rompeay is captured in a little black dress while exploring the city in her cool frames. From rectangular shapes to cateye styles, the BOSS woman exudes pure modern elegance. Discover more campaign images and check out the official video below.


An image from BOSS Eyewear's 2016 campaignAn image from BOSS Eyewear’s 2016 campaignRianne van Rompaey poses in Santiago, Chile, for BOSS' 2016 campaignRianne van Rompaey poses in Santiago, Chile, for BOSS’ 2016 eyewear campaignRianne van Rompaey wears optical frames in BOSS' 2016 eyewear campaignRianne van Rompaey wears optical frames in BOSS’ 2016 eyewear campaign

Shop BOSS Eyewear:

BOSS 0675S Gradient Lens Cateye SunglassesBOSS 0675S Gradient Lens Cateye SunglassesBOSS 0742S Gradient Lens SunglassesBOSS 0742S Gradient Lens SunglassesBOSS 0674S Gray Gradient Lens Rectangular SunglassesBOSS 0674S Gray Gradient Lens Rectangular SunglassesBOSS 678S Black Lenses Half Frame Cateye SunglassesBOSS 0678S Black Lenses Half Frame Cateye Sunglasses

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