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A bag that radiates timeless elegance 24/7 can only be the Lady Dior Bag, so it’s no wonder that it is one of Dior’s holy grail. To keep up with the demands of a modern-day Cinderella, the Lady Dior Bag in mini size was released for a touch of quirkiness and cuteness to your everyday ensembles.

As most of the bag lovers know, the mini sized version of the Lady Dior Bag was already available for some time. But the new version if called ‘supple’ due to its more flexible shape. And comparing to the normal version of the Lady Dior Bag, the sides are softer and looser.


Left: Lady Dior Mini Bag, Right: The New Lady Dior Supple Mini Bag

It comes with ‘narrow’ adjustable strap, which means the strap is purposely downsized to match the style. With this new design, a new addition has been added to the iconic Lady Dior Collection.

What’s more? It sports the most recognized ‘Cannage’ design topstitching in lambskin. This bag looks picture perfect over your white outfit or over your shirt, jeans, and sneakers combo for that added touch of chic. The black lambskin leather on the other hand is elegantly matched by jewelry in light gold-tone metal hardware. But there are more colors variations available at the boutiques.

Now let’s go to the bag details. The Lady Dior Mini Bag features double handles for easy hand carrying and a narrow adjustable shoulder strap for effortless shoulder and cross body carrying. It also has the famous DIOR charms for an added panache.

Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm, priced has yet to be confirmed. Check out the boutiques for more details.


Pictures courtesy of: vipaccessori




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Dior Espadrilles in Bi-colors with Crystals
Price: €590 euro, £470 GBP, ₩1,000,000 WON

Espadrilles are must-haves – they’re comfy and stylish. Every fashion-obsessed are hunting for a pair and to make your life more miserable, we are going to present you some more Espadrilles to choose from.

Dior likes to craft shoes that are different – the word simple usually does not exist in their vocabulary. And if you look closer at these pair of Dior Espadrilles, you can feel the obsession for perfection – from the stitches to the crystal placements.

Made from fabric, designed in bi-color and adorned with star-shaped crystal for the summery, casual and couture style. Though we’re heading to the winter, but you need to prepare for the summer before it arrives. It just makes your life easier right?

The sides are stitched with the charming ‘Dior’ signature, it’s crafted with slim rope platform and rubber soles for the maximum comfort. These Espadrilles are beautiful and cute, so pick your favorite color.

Priced at €590 euro, £470 GBP, ₩1,000,000 WON via Dior boutiques.





Dior Espadrilles in Bi-colors with Star Crystal
Price: €590 euro, £470 GBP, ₩1,000,000 WON



Dior Espadrilles in Mesh
Price: €590 euro, £470 GBP, ₩1,000,000 WON



Dior Espadrilles in Denim Nappa
Price: €690 euro, £550 GBP



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Dior: Cruise 2017 Lady Dior Campaign Starring Marion Cotillard

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Here’s French actress Marion Cotillard doing what Marion Cotillard does best, looking sultry and ever so elegant on any given day. And she’s back again as the face of Dior’s Cruise 2017 ad campaign for the Lady Dior bag, which many here would agree, are both icons in their own right.

Inspired by the childhood home of Monsieur Christian Dior in Granville, here’s a little something you might not know. Set in beautifully gardened grounds of his family home (which I had the esteemed honour of visiting a couple years back), perched on the cliff by the sea, the gardens were also where Monsieur Dior spent much time in, the flowers (including his signature rose) eventually becoming the centrepiece of his many collections.

Shown here resting beguilingly in the same gardens, you’ll see the newMy Lady Dior clasped lovingly in her hands, the one that comes with additional badges inspired by Dior’s house codes on its shoulder sling.Previously covered on the blog here, these bags are already in Singapore, which come in a new size (20 cm by 17 cm) that many of you will find just right.

The fourth image shows an exotic Lady Dior with elaborate floral embroidery, a stunner of a bag that one can only truly appreciate if they visit Dior in person.

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Though the size is small and can only carry cards, we needed to share the Lady Dior Multi-Card Holder because it looks so irresistible. I hope they have a wallet version of it, because it’s pulling me toward it.

But anyways, there are plenty of reasons to have a Multi-Card Holder. You see, besides credit cards, bankcards and ID cards (including driver license), we have to deal with many other cards like supermarket bonus cards, gift cards or business cards. Life is hard, isn’t it?

So carrying the Lady Dior Multi-Card Holder inside your bag isn’t a bad idea after all. And it can free some space in your wallet to store other essentials.

Well, this Lady Dior piece is timeless and a work of art, enhanced by Cannage Stitching with charming silver hardware. Made from patent calfskin, the ingenious and practical interior allows you to organize all cards to perfection.

Now let’s talk about the inside; 9 gusset compartments and 2 credit card slots. Measuring 10.5 x 7.5 cm, priced at €450 euro or £410 GBP via Dior boutiques.



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Tech and fashion – when these two worlds blend together, our lives are only getting brighter and brighter. Don’t you agree?

Meet the Dior Stardust Phone Pouch. When you carry an expensive designer bag, take some time to think about your phone. It deserves a designer too.

This phone pouch is a new addition to the Stardust Collection. To freshen your mind, Dior started their Stardust Line with backpacks. Remember now?

The Stardust Phone Pouch is not like the Stardust Phone Covers we’ve covered some time ago; so don’t get confused with these two. And unlike the Phone Covers, the pouch is made to carry your phone. It comes with a removable chain, so you can carry the phone crossbody or on your shoulder.

It’s also very flexible, you can remove the chain anytime you want and slip it into your bag. The Phone Pouch is decorated with rhinestones and sequins, but looks more like stars and snowflake. Really attractive.

And like in all Dior’s best accessories, it comes with the DIOR Charm attached to the eyelets. Measuring 17 x 10.5 cm, the chain is 120 cm, priced at €520 euro, ¥470 GBP via Dior boutiques.


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Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in quilted jacket over white shirtdress and lace-up boots

Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in quilted jacket over white shirtdress and lace-up boots

Formerly of Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri marked her first outing as Dior’s new creative director for the French label’s spring-summer 2017 runway show. Her vision was distinctly set apart from the in-house design team and even Raf Simons before her. The designer was inspired by the uniform of the female fencer for a number of jackets and tops featuring exquisite quilted detail paired with cropped, capri-length trousers.

For the lighter side, Chiuri focused on airy skirts and gowns made of tulle, silk chiffon and georgette. Gowns are embroidered with zodiac signs–the house’s founder is known for his love of the mysticism. And still there were even more unexpected touches like branded straps and sandals as well as a t-shirt that reads: “we should all be feminists” or “dior(revolution).

Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ shirt and embroidered maxi skirt

Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ shirt and embroidered maxi skirt

Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in leather dress with quilted detail

Dior Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in leather dress with quilted detail

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