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Nowadays, it’s very easy to personalize your purse and it’s also a very popular thing to do. Why was the My Lady Dior Bag born? It was created to personalize the strap with different badges. Fendi has also a range of beautiful charms – from crocodile charms to bag bug charms. Charms not only make your bag unique, but it’s also a personal thing as it represents you.

One of the famous charms at Hermes is the Carmen Key Ring. These Key Rings are made with cute tassels and they’re an addition to your bag. The Carmen Key Ring comes in different colors; choose one that matches to the shade of your purse.

This tassel is made from Milo lambskin, these gorgeous pieces are available for $265 USD, £180 GBP, €195 euro, $375 AUD, via Hermes boutiques.

So what do you think? And do you have a charm for your bag?











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Hermes and Chanel Suffering in Current Luxury Market

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Sluggish performance is the new normal for the luxury industry. Throughout 2015 we’ve tried to lay out the myriad challenges facing high-end brands, their prospects for improvement, and the overall impact of a weakened global economy for the luxury consumer. But this isn’t just an interesting topic for retail aficionados. As we all know, the global luxury market is big business, so we’ve seen report after report issued by the largest research and consulting firms, most of which confirm our analysis. The latest report on this front was issued by Bain & Company. It revealed that overall, growth in the luxury industry is only up 1% over last year. We’ve explained in detail why this is the case: decreased tourism to Europe due to the heightened risk of terrorism, slowing sales from China following a crackdown on corruption, and overall instability in the global economy, much of it stemming from theUK’s vote to leave the Eurozone.


Time to leave, packing in St. Tropez. Read: How It Works – VAT Refund and Custom Duties

Even the largest names in the market are struggling. Chanel revenue was down 17% in 2015 and things don’t look much brighter in 2016. They’ve made moves to increase prices in particular markets in a strategy known as price harmonization but the damage has already been done (Read: Global Price Implications on Chanel Street)

We also recently reported on the revised growth estimates at Hermes. While during the first half of the year the company outpaced it’s rivals and showed strong earnings growth, just last month, Hermes CEO Axel Dumas admitted the company would fail to meet its 8% growth target for the year. (Read: Hermes Sales Decline Despite Ambitious Goals) Even at the height of the financial crisis in 2009, revenues increased 8.5%.


Hermes and Chanel, St Tropez. Read: Chapter 1: Hermes Versus Chanel Prices in the US and France

Much of the ability of companies like Hermes and Chanel to weather the crisis around 2009-2010 stemmed from their expansion into non-western markets, but much slower growth in China and currency issues in Japan are closing that window of opportunity as well. Both companies will have to go back to what has historically separated them from the pack: their cultural relevance. Even in a downturn, there’s no doubt the hierarchy of brands has remained relatively stable. There aren’t any upstart brands cutting into their profits, the overall size of the pie is just getting smaller. The next challenge for the industry will be how to grow the pie again. Will it be through enhanced e-commerce platforms, as Chanel is rumored to be exploring? (Read: Imagine Ordering a Chanel Jumbo Bag Online?) Or will these companies enter totally new categories all together, focusing less on the goods and more on the overall retail experience? Whatever they do, it can’t come soon enough….


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Hermès: Béarn, Dogon & Silk’In; The Three Best Wallets?

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Before I start this post proper, first let me say this. No one needs an Hermès wallet, especially when you realise how frighteningly expensive they can get. But everyone wants an Hermès wallet, which brings us to my next point. Of all the wallets I’ve ever come across from the French luxury house, this trio are in my honest opinion the best money can buy. Though in this case the money bit probably means eating plain white bread for the next 6 months while you pay it off.

So what are the 3 I should go hungry for, you ask? Well, from left to right we’ve got the Béarn, the Dogon and the Silk’In, and besides the fact they are more or less the same size, they are also long wallets, which is the way to go since you’re already spending that much anyway.

First up, the we’ve got the Béarn. Measuring some 17.5 cm by 9 cm, it’s your standard flip-wide-open wallet which comes with a zip compartment on one side and 5 credit card slots on the other. Sharp, smart and streamlined (until you stuff it fuller than taxidermy specimen, that is), it’s priced at GBP1640 for the ones in leather, and upwards ofGBP4000 for the ones in precious exotics. Yes. Gulp.

Next, and also my personal favourite, the Dogon. Besides also being known as the workhorse in the family of Hermès wallets, the 20 cm by 12.5 cm wallet packs multiple compartments on the inside, along with an additional zipped pouch that’s also removable. Great for those who have too much to carry around, it’s also well-priced, coming in a tad lower than the Béarn at GBP1360. Also available in exotic skins, some even come with contrastingly coloured insides, great for those who love a bit of colour when it comes to their wallets.

Last, but by no means least, the honour of being the prettiest of the trio goes to the Silk’In, another long wallet that’s all leather on the outside but silk on the inside. Using the same printed silks that are also made in scarves, the interiors of these wallets are soft to the touch and often come in the most dazzling of prints, all guaranteed to make you fall at first sight. Measuring some 20 cm by 11.5 cm, these are also the most affordable of the lot, coming in at just GBP740 a piece. And only because they are silk (and not leather) on the inside.

So there you have it, the (in my opinion) three best wallets money can buy from Hermès. Do you agree? Or do you have a contender you wish to add? Comment away. And remember this. Nobody needs an Hermès wallet. But everybody wants one.

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Hermès’s Website Now Has More Bags Available for Purchase Than Ever Before, Including Exotics

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10 Reasons Hermès Bags are Totally Worth the Money

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Meet one of Hermes’s playful and colorful accessories from the Tutti-Frutti Collection. This collection was released in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection. But we’re diving deeper, taking you a look at the inside.

The words Tutti Frutti means ‘All Fruits in Italian, which is a various chopped, colorful and usually candied fruits. This is often used for making Tutti Frutti ice cream flavors. But anyways, now you know where the inspiration came from.

First of all, we know Hermes never disappoints us with their leather choices – this Hermes Hermail Tutti-Frutti Wallet is crafted from Swift Calfskin and Mysore Goatskin. The front of the wallet is decorated with a lemon-shaped leather strap closure.

The interior is nice as well, there is a large compartment with plenty of spacious for your coins and paper money, there are credit card slots as well.

And so, spark some playfulness into your bags with this wallet. Measuring 5.5’ x 7.3’, priced at $3500 USD.


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