Loewe Lollipops Collection

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Growing up, Chupa Chups’ lollipops were all the rage, coming in so many flavours they become a daily addiction. Thankfully though, there came a time when one realised there were better things to put into one’s mouth (people, I’m talking about food) and the whole sucking a lolly thing eventually stopped being that fun. Aptly, or not, Loewe now has a new collection of bags and SLGs that come adorned with a red and blue lollipop print that’s cute, fun and whimsical all at once.

A pretty extensive collection, it was the Lollipops T Pouch (SGD1150) that caught my eye, coming in either Black or White with the printed lollies. Measuring 31 cm wide by 21 cm in height, the T Pouch is a good-looking and truly functional clutch that works well on both girls and guys.

There’s a Lollipops Vertical Tote (SGD1850), and there are SLGs, like the Lollipops Zip Card Holder (SGD690) that can hold all your essential cards (yes, all of your 12 credit cards that you use on a daily basis). For something bigger and more substantial, there’s also a Lollipops Medium Zip Around Wallet (SGD950) that can store even more like bills and notes, along with a second zippered pocket on the inside. Now available at all Loewe boutiques, just head down, take your pick and reminisce about those days when anything hard we put in our mouths was purely sweet. Oh, never mind.

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Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag

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When I first saw the Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag on the runway, it gave me that little smile you get when you see something clever, but not necessarily funny. Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s creative director, is a master of that–he works in all kinds of unexpected touches and details, but in a way that’s not at all kitschy. Instead, his flourishes tend to highlight structural things about his garments or fashion in general, which is what he does with the Amazona Multiplication.

The practice of making a day bag and then making at least one or two successive, smaller versions of that bag once it catches on with shoppers has been a staple in the accessories market for the past two years. The practice makes sense, as long as the bag’s proportions are of the sort that shrink well: if a consumer likes the bag as a work option, then why not give her a smaller version to use on weekends? Little bags also appeal to younger consumers and help fill out a brand’s price continuum, so they’re an addition with a lot of benefits.

This new version of the Amazona gentle skewers that practice by layering the outline of a mini Amazona over the exterior of the full-size version, complete with protruding handles. And while this bag likely won’t be a broad consumer hit, I could see it being very popular with the shoppers who have already taken a shine to Anderson’s cerebral designs at Loewe, and there are tons of street style stars and influential fashion people in that group.

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Loewe F/W16 Panda Collection

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What’s cuter than a panda? Well, a trio of pandas stacked on top of one another, of course. Yes, Loewe is back with another capsule collection of their famous leather panda purses with the addition of new styles. Whilst there was only the Panda Coin Purse (you know, the one that sits snugly in the crook of your palm) for the longest time, Loewe has added more siblings.

Firstly, there’s the Panda Mini Bag, the 20 cm by 15 cm leather panda that comes with its own sling that you can choose to remove if you wish to carry it as a clutch. Outfitted with a long zip closure on its back, this SGD1890 purse should be able to fit the your barest of essentials on any given weekend.

On the other end of the size chart we’ve got the smaller-than-small Panda Charm, which is as the name suggests, the perfect little accessory to have hanging off your bag. With the tiniest of storage spaces within its tiny belly (I’m thinking this would be great for coins), it’s the same price as the Panda Coin Purse but just a tad smaller. Now available at Loewe Marina Bay Sands and Paragon, head on down soon and check out this adorable threesome for yourself. Adorable. And threesome. Two words I never thought I’d use in a sentence ever.

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Loewe Calfskin Clutch Bag with Shoulder Strap

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This may look like nothing more than a nothing bag, but sometimes barely anything can translate to a whole lot of wear. There isn’t much going on, but the simplicity is the story here – and therein lies the appeal. The details of a Loewe bag can only be appreciated when things aren’t too complicated. The linen-like texture of the calfskin, perfectly painted edges, precise stitching: These are the hallmarks of a brand that is all about their leathers.

Loewe Calfskin Clutch Bag with Shoulder Strap

Then there’s the color. In my mind, electric-blue is, without fail, a showstopper on it’s own. Even if you can overlook the quiet details, you cannot ignore the fact that this is the kind of practical bag that will live with you. With a magnetic flap that hides a zipper opening, you can keep it closed for security or leave it open for convenience, and the padded shoulder strap is removable, converting it into a fully functional clutch. You also can’t ignore the price. This is an insanely good value for a lush calfskin bag, one that doesn’t come around every day. Loewe bag

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Loewe Punk Elephant Leather Shoulder

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From a brand that needs no introduction, to an icon within the brand that pretty much sells itself, yes I’m talking about Loewe’s Elephant that has been around (and been charming hearts) for seasons. And this season, Creative Director J.W. Anderson gives it another twist (which is pretty much what he does every season with the runway bags) and for F/W16 we’ve got the Punk Elephant Leather Shoulder. Sold out the moment they were launched a couple months back, the elephant sling is now available, earrings and all

Measuring some 20 cm across by 15 cm in height, the elephant with an attitude even comes with its very own nose, I mean, trunk ring, which is then attached to the metal chain sling that’s purely decorative. Then there’s the leather sling which allows you to wear the cutie over the shoulder or across the body, for a look that’s truly quirky and oh-so-fun. Priced at USD1282 via NET-A-PORTER, you’ll also find a wide selection of other Loewe lovelies via NAP, from tinier leather elephants that double up as coin wallets (there’s one in Red, and another in Yellow), runway bags and of course, that wool cat sweater that everyone is talking about.

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Every designer brand has one particular bag that stands-out. It’s usually the bag that has been invented for a decade (or more) ago– and the longer the history, the better.

Usually such a bag is considered a ‘classic’ or an ‘iconic’, especially because it has been time-tested, it has gone through the bad and the good times.

Oh and more importantly, the bag is regularly seen hanging out with top celebrities – dining, partying, traveling or just out-and-about.

Louis Vuitton has the speedy bag, Chanel has the reissue 2.55 bag and Loewe…, Loewe has the Amazona Bag.

Introduced in 1965, the Loewe Amazona Bag is more than an accessory to store your essentials. The history as well as its name represents the feminine freedom, signifying female strength.

Besides that, the elegant shape, the lavish leather and the craftsmanship have all contributed to the popularity and success of this beauty.

And today… Loewe reinvented the Amazona Bag again. Meet the Loewe Amazona Multiplication Bag, and with a little guess, we know where the name is inspired from.


The Loewe Amazona Bag is basically two amazona for one. It also follows, what has been very famous lately, a bag with an iconic front-pocket.

Double bag means double space. It’s an icon among icons – it crates an optical illusion as the bag itself is built upon another.

And obvious, the interior is luxuriously large, it can easily be used as a travel bag. The material is strong – crafted from calf leather and embossed Anagram.

The design is minimalistic and all the ‘classic’ elements are unaltered.

It features large interior zippered pocket, a large shoulder strap and a nametag in calf leather. Measuring 36.5 x 23 x 16 cm, and for those that are worry about the weight – it’s 1.46 kg. Priced at $3250 USD, €2500 euro, £2125 GBP, S$4850 SGD, $26600 HKD, ¥370000 JPY via Loewe boutiques.






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